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Various projects undertaken to re-develop, beautify Srinagar city: SSCL

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In response to an application filed under the Right to Information Act, Srinagar Smart City Limited has said that various projects have been undertaken to develop and beautify old Srinagar city.

The application was filed by social activist MM Shuja.

Srinagar Smart City Limited has stated that Shehr-e-khas is most integral to the development of Srinagar City. Significant cultural and heritage market places which are also tourist attractions are located in Shehr-e-khas. The emphasis of Srinagar Smart City Limited has been to improve the heritage markets of Shehr-e-khas along with the main access street and road leading to shehr-e-Khas. The major access corridors taken up for improvement include improvement and up-gradation along Dalgate -Gojwara Road,

Improvement and up-gradation along Nallah- Mar Road Access Streets along Jamia Masjid, Access Streets along Maharaj Gunj, Zaina Kadal Market ,Access Streets of Ali Kadal, Nawakadal and Jamalhatta, Façade improvement of heritage markets and Improvement of Jhelum Ghats in Shehr-e-Khas.

The Srinagar Smart City Limited as per the news agency Kashmir News Trust has stated that River Jhelum is the central spine of Srinagar City, perhaps the evolution of Srinagar has started along the river itself. Along the entire length of the River in Srinagar, it is nestled with numerous ghats which are locally called Yarbals also. The ghats apart from being embarking/disembarking points for water transports, also act as the social and cultural nodes where people meet and perform daily activities. The project has been envisioned to enhance the quality of the Jhelum Riverfront in Srinagar, particularly in the Sherekhas area. The up-gradation of ghats, their accesses, and paraphernalia amenities have been proposed in this project in order to restore Srinagar’s linkage with the river. The project has been taken up to restore Srinagar’s waterfront.

It has said that Façade Upgradation of Heritage markets of Zaina Kadal, Maharaj Gunj in Shehr-e-khas is a major initiative of the Srinagar Smart City Ltd (SSCL) and is done to facilitate economic activity and enhance user experience in the area. The objective is to improve the built environment with an emphasis on the unique Architecture of buildings and important edifices. The focus is to keep the original character of the façades intact. A unique methodology of conservation has been adopted to upgrade the façade.

It has further stated that Shalimar Canal  will be redeveloped and also the frontage of Shalimar Bagh will be improved.

The project aims the transformation of the Area around the Shalimar Canal into a vibrant public space and a new destination for Srinagar. Envisaged improvements include organized visitors and emergency parking, interchange points, pedestrian movement, improvement of surface, and improvement of Shalimar Canal edges. To enhance the accessibility of foot-over the bridge across either bank of the canal has been proposed. Restoring the Connection of Shalimar Bagh via water transport has been a focus of this project.

It has further said that there will be an Upgradation & Redevelopment of Nishat Bagh Precinct including Road works, Pathways, Plaza, a Wooden Deck, and Landscaping.

The project aims at the transformation of the Nishat Bagh Precinct into a vibrant public space and a new destination for Srinagar Envisaged improvements include; Organized and welcoming frontage with defined entry, queue manager, seating and rest areas, a defined plaza for visitors with seating. provision of seating towards Dal Lake, and dedicated space for vendors.

Further, there will be development of Lake Front Along Northern Foreshore Road NFR of Dal Lake from Nishat to Naseem Bagh PHC, including Pedestrian Walkway, Cycle Track, and Viewing Decks, etc.

Foreshore Road is one of the prestigious roads in the city of Srinagar. The notability of the road lies in the fact that the entire road lies on the banks of Dal Lake. The road starts from Hazratbal, Srinagar, and ends at Nishat. The road has transformed into a hotspot cycling route, it has been envisioned to provide state of art cycle tracks along the lakeshore so that hassle-free cycling is achieved.

There will also be Upgradation and Redevelopment of Nishat Sathu from Nishat to Dhol dum including cycle track, walkway, and Deck for angling Construction and redevelopment of walkway and cycle track on Nishat Sathu Road from Nishat to Dhol dum including Deck for angling along the Dal Lake in Srinagar. The walkway and cycle track would benefit the locals and tourists. It would help people commute in an eco-friendly way on the banks of Dal Lake. The project will go a long way in adding to the beauty of Dal Lake. The development of cycle tracks and walkways will give impetus to tourism in the city. Exposing the tourists to cycling along the lake in the backdrop of mountains and nature will be a boon to the tourism and economic development of Srinagar. The vision for the project development is to transform the existing road into an environment-friendly and public prime destination where one can experience this historic landscape.

There will be a Redevelopment of the Cycle Track and Allied Infrastructure along Chunti Khul from Dal Gate to Budshah Bridge.

The project area is located on the banks of Chunthi Khul. Tourists and locals enjoy morning and evening walks along the Chunti khul band. The development of a cycle track along the Chunthi khul will attract tourists and enhance the liveability of the area.

Chunti Khul is located very close to Lal Chowk of city. Commercial streets of the city and market area for tourists and locals will be easily accessible from this newly proposed cycle track and also an additional tourist spot for the city.

There will be an Upgradation of Chinar Bagh with bridges alongside Chunti Khul, Dalgate Srinagar.

The site is around 9.80 acres of island within the Chuti Khul, divided by the waterways breaking the island into 4 larger land parcels. All these land parcels are connected via wooden pedestrian bridges. More than 100 magnificent Chinar Trees stand splendidly in the park & are kept as the central element of the design. The Chuti Khul is proposed to cater as the water transportation way in the near future, wherein the park shall become one of the interesting pause points of multi-modal integration between water transit, walking & cycling networks. [KNT]

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