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Types of marriages during Gupta Period

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In 4th Century in North India arose Gupta empire which was founded by Chandra Gupt in 319 AD. Gupta rulers tried their best to revive Hinduism, however, the society was marked by gross inequalities. Chinese visitor Fa-hsien writes that whenever any lower caste man especially Chandal entered into town, the upper caste people kept themselves at a distance from them because the road was supposed to have been polluted by them. He writes drums were beaten to inform upper caste people about the entry of lower caste men in the town.

In this video, we will talk about the types of marriage that existed during the time of Gupta empire. There were 11 types of marriages. Let us have a look at these types of marriages.

Number 1. Brahama Marriage: When an upper caste woman was married to man of the same class. That was called Brahama marriage.

Number 2. Prajapati Marriage: A marriage without dowery.

Number 3. Daiva Marriage: When a girl was given to a sacrificial priest in lieu of his fees.

Number 4. Asura: It was a marriage by purchase.

Number 5. Arsa: When the price of a bull and cow was given in place of dowery.

Number 6: Paisacha Marriage: It was a marriage by abduction.

Number 7. Rakshasa: It was a marriage by capture. A man was allowed to marry a woman if he captured her.

Number 8. Pratiloma Marriage: When Higher caste woman married to lower caste man.

Number 9. Anuloma: When Higher caste man married to lower caste woman. Such marriages were rare.

Number 10: Niyoga: When woman was asked to marry her husband’s brother for sake of a child.

Number 11: Gandharva Marriage. It was a love marriage.

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