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Paras Health Srinagar conducts successful external hemipelvectomy surgery

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Paras Healthcare Srinagar the surgical prowess of Dr. Sheikh Zahoor and Dr. Shah Naveed shone brightly as they successfully conducted an external hemipelvectomy / dysarticulation, bringing triumph over Chronic Osteomyelitis and left Gluteal Marjolins ulcer for Padmashree Awardee, Javed Ahmad Tak.

According to the hospital, this complex surgical endeavor, orchestrated by the renowned surgical oncologist, Dr. Sheikh Zahoor, alongside Dr. Shah Naveed, stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical science.

The success story of this surgical intervention not only alleviates the challenges posed by Chronic Osteomyelitis but also establishes a new benchmark in orthopedic surgery. [KNT]

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