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CPI(M) stands in solidarity with the people of Ladakh

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CPI(M) leader Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami on Wednesday said that we never desired for Ladakh to be separated from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Yet, it happened abruptly against our wishes. While a faction of society in Leh was demanding Union Territory status for Ladakh and celebrated it later, they now acknowledge the drawbacks and express a preference for constitutional guarantees for their empowerment

Today, there is a unified call for constitutional guarantees under the sixth schedule. We share a common history and concerns for Ladakh, resonating deeply with the aspirations of its people. The government of India must heed their voices and address their grievances promptly.

The charter of demands of the Apex Body of Leh and Kargil Development Alliance (KDA) include safeguards under the Sixth  Schedule, a constitutional provision safeguarding tribal culture as 90% of the population in this region is tribal. Protection of rights of land & jobs besides other demands.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir stand in solidarity with Ladakh, advocating for democratic rights and constitutional assurances. We urge the Government of India to recognize that these artificial lines cannot divide us and the arbitrary divisions imposed on August 5, 2019, cannot fracture our unity.

Braving sub-zero temperatures, renowned and widely respected environmentalist Sonam Wangchuk is on hunger strike for these concerns.

“We express our solidarity with the people of Ladakh in support of their genuine demands,” Tarigami said. [KNT]

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