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Had sought clemency for Afzal Guroo: Ghulam Rasool Kar

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Breaking his silence after a long time, former president of State Congress, Ghulam Rasool Kar Saturday revealed that he had written a three-page letter to the President of India seeking clemency for Kashmiri youth Muhammad Afzal Guroo.

“I will release that letter at an appropriate time and people will come to know about my thoughts regarding Kashmir and Afzal Guroo,” Kar told the news gathering agency Kashmir News Trust and added that people of Jammu and Kashmir are facing severe hardships and repression has engulfed them.

Ghulam Rasool Kar termed the execution of Afzal Guroo very unfortunate and said that it would have been better if he would have not been executed. “I had told the people who are at the helm of affairs that Afzal Guroo should be sent to Pakistan to ensure the release of Sarabjit Singh from the Pakistan prison. Don’t you think it was a nice idea, that way we could have saved two precious human lives,” Kar said.

He claimed that shortly before the execution of Afzal Guroo, he had written a three-page letter to the President of India. Refusing to divulge the contents of the letter, Kar said, “It is a historic letter and not an opportune time for me to make the letter public,” he added that the people of Kashmir are angry over the execution of Afzal.

Ghulam Rasool Kar lamented that the people of Kashmir are facing difficulties and there is a lot of repressions. “We all know what is happening in Kashmir. Nothing is hidden. It is evident that the people of Kashmir are being killed for no fault. I want to reveal a number of things but I can’t as I am the part of ruling Congress party,” Kar said. [KNT]

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